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Core business

Finding exceptional, rare, classic and historic vehicles worldwide is one of our main strengths. For over 40 years, we have been renowned for selling high-quality cars to our customers. We have an extensive knowledge of the current market climate for exceptional classic cars, as well as good sense for potential investments. 

Want to sell your classic car? 

We can sell your vehicle for you, in a professional and discreet manner. Due to our huge worldwide network, established over several decades, we are aware of serious buyers who are looking for specific cars, and we can negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. As a first step, we can offer a non-binding valuation of your car. We are also interested in purchasing your vehicle outright, rather than as a sale-or-return arrangement. Please feel free to contact us at any time; your request will be treated with the utmost discretion. If you are considering updating or ‘refreshing’ your collection, we can also offer you a trade-in, or an exchange for another car.    

Maintain and building up your collection

Building up a collection requires many years of experience, plenty of educated industry knowledge, and great enthusiasm. Furthermore, it always helps to maintain a relationship with other collectors and enthusiasts, who quite often conduct their business ‘under the radar’ when it comes to selling their cars. Through our many years of activity in the field of classic and historic cars, we can provide access to this exclusive network. We are professionals in creating, maintaining, trading and updating customer fleets, and we would be delighted to take permanent care of your collection. 


Firstly, we pay the utmost attention to solid documentation, which includes an originality, authenticity and condition report. Secondly, we conduct thorough vehicle inspections. Our company has the necessary technical equipment for a full examination of your car, conducted together with yourself or a person you trust. Alternatively, we can travel to a workshop of your choice in order to examine the car.  

Expert Evaluation

Should you require a valuation report for your car, we can recommend renowned experts, or task an expert on your behalf to prepare a report.

Workshop service

We only outsource work to a small number of selected brand-specific service centres, with whom we have co-operated over many years on a national and international level. 

Worldwide logistics

We organise safe, professional and global transportation by land, sea and air, taking into account the necessary contractual and customs obligations. For the transportation of vehicles across Europe, we use our own special transporter. 


Classic car leasing is an alternative way to realise the dream of driving a classic car. In cooperation with our financial partners, we offer attractive leasing rates.

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